Aesop Design District

Aesop Design District Hero_Bleed_1_Desktop_2880x1620.jpg

Aesop Design District, the company’s third presence in Miami, is designed by the Brazilian firm Metro Arquitetos Associados. The store is the firm’s debut project in the United States and their second collaboration with Aesop. To contrast the often-opulent sparkle of the neighbourhood, Metro Arquitetos Associados were guided by the design principles of simplicity and reduction.

The space explores synergies between the Brazilian modernist tradition and the Art Deco geometrics that proliferate in South Beach. Reminiscent of local landmarks—including the Miami Beach Post Office built in 1937 and the recently opened Faena Arts Center—the 417-square foot space also brings to mind the crisp vocabulary of Brazilian sculptor Sergio Camargo. The result is a clever reflection on the sculptural forms of Miami’s iconic buildings.

Within the store’s zinc-clad exterior lies a bright space of concrete, polished plaster, and terrazzo in pale, almost white, tones. Their smooth yet imperfect surfaces suggest a haptic space formed of large stones: an uncomplicated, if recreated, nature. The design deliberately avoids right angles and contrasting colours, delivering a light-filled, monochromatic space of curves and cylinders. Colour and shape reflect a formal purity and simple geometry typical of the design’s two architectural influences.